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A sweet delicate floral taste with a hint of light butter cream and premium almond paste. An elegant lingering after taste of fresh almond which make you feel as though your mouth was in heaven.

Caramel Fleur de sel

A unique delicacy made with deep dark chocolate and real cocoa nibs, the chocolique will define this macaron as an unforgettable moment of pleasure.

Chocolate Mint
Pure chocolate with a hint of mint. Refreshing!

Kona coffee

Key Lime

An intense citrus flavor right from the tree. Tartness in perfect balance with its natural sweetness. It is a harmony of texture, freshness, a delicacy.



Passion Fruit

Pecan Pie

A treat between Italy and California two different Pistachios are used to make this unforgettable gourmet macaron an elegant equation for your next tea party. Nutty and pistachio…

Just imagine a beautiful butter cream flavor with fresh raspberries. Where sweet and sour touch! Berry meets berry its unforgettable.

Rose Petal
Red and white is only for love! We use fresh rose petals to bring perfection!

Vanilla Bean
Tahitian vanilla nutty and floral , a pure moment of happiness!

Our Macarons are made with All Natural, premium ingredients only & cage free eggs. No Preservatives
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